AA-certified Garages – 12 Reasons They’re the Best Choice for Your Vehicle

What is an AA-certified Garage?

AA-certified garages meet the AA’s stringent standards for quality of work, adherence to industry standards, value for money, customer service, and several other factors. 

Certified garages are either independently owned or part of a franchise group (not owned or managed by the AA). If a garage displays the AA sign, you can be sure that the business has been thoroughly assessed and inspected on 12 criteria and found to meet the rigorous AA (Automobile Association) standards. 

Just Right Autos, in Witney, Oxfordshire, is proud to be an AA-certified garage and to bring excellent service to our customers, year in and year out.

The Benefits Of Choosing An AA-Certified Oxfordshire Garage

If you’re looking for a dependable, reputable workshop in Oxfordshire to repair or maintain your vehicle, look for a garage carrying AA-certified branding. Just Right Autos in Witney is proud to be AA-certified, having passed rigorous inspections and tests. The AA continuously assesses its member garages to ensure we always deliver top-quality service in every aspect of our operations.

You have peace of mind knowing that we’ve excelled in every area of our business and that we are constantly striving to exceed the highest standards set for us by our AA Certification.

What Are The Mandatory Requirements For AA Certification?

Like all AA-certified garages, you can be confident that Just Right Autos has passed a detailed on-site inspection, and we fully adhere to the AA Garage Promise, which guarantees a very high level of customer experience. 

Remember, only AA-certified garages may display AA branding, so keep your eyes peeled.

For a local garage to pass its AA Certification Inspection, it must have the all following amenities and certifications:

  • First aid kit, including eye wash, must be present, fully stocked and in date
  • Fire equipment must be current, serviced and in date
  • Current and comprehensive Motor Trade and Public Liability Insurance 
  • Inspectors must see evidence of a complete and up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment 
  • Inspectors must see proof of a full Risk Assessment and COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations)
  • Ramps/lifting equipment certificates
  • Compressor/ air receiver certificates 
  • An active subscription to an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) provider 
AA-certified Garages - 12 Reasons They’re the Best Choice for Your Vehicle

12-Point Checklist for AA Certification Inspections

1. Premises and Reception

Assess the safety and condition of garage premises, including workshops and customer reception areas.

2. Advertising and Information

AA representatives review the integrity and legitimacy of the garage’s advertising materials to ensure that drivers are not misled.

3. Booking Process and Information

Garage’s booking process is inspected to ensure it meets the minimum standards of AA Certification for this aspect of customer experience.

4. Complaints Handling

Ensure that the garage has an open line of communication for dealing with customer complaints. Complaints should be answered in a timely, helpful and informative manner, offering solutions where possible.

5. VHC and Systems

Vehicle Health Check service is assessed within the garage or dealership. Examination of systems for recording a vehicle’s condition and logging items for attention now and in the future is completed.

6. Billing Process

Checks that the billing process for customers is satisfactory.

7. Quality Control

Regarding parts and materials used and the maintenance carried out are assessed.

8. Staff Qualification and Training

Checks are carried out to make sure that all staff on-site receive regular training and have all the necessary qualifications.

9. Workshop and Equipment

The condition and age of the workshop and its equipment are assessed to ensure customers receive state-of-the-art service.

10. Completed Work

Completed work is checked to ensure it meets the minimum standards of AA Certification.

11. Website and Subscriber Details on Garage Guide Website

Website, and the garage or dealership details must be visible on the AA Garage Guide portal for customers to find.

12. Vehicle Inspection 

The inspectors view at least one completed vehicle for an on-site inspection; indeed, a vehicle inspection is the final test for a garage or dealership to receive AA Certification.

You Can Trust Just Right Autos

At Just Right Autos in Witney, Oxfordshire, we proudly display our AA branding and signage. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the high standards set for us as a condition of our AA certification. 

Please get in touch with us to learn more about our AA membership or for motor vehicle enquiries.


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