Hybrid Car Maintenance Costs And Reliability

Are you wondering about hybrid car maintenance costs and reliability? Have you recently purchased one? Or perhaps you’re thinking about buying one as your next primary vehicle? 

In either case, you’ll be wondering about the costs involved in maintaining and servicing hybrid vehicles and their reliability. 

Hybrid Car Maintenance Costs And Reliability

Hybrid Car Servicing

A hybrid car service will include all the usual checks and upkeep you’d expect in a standard car service, such as tyres, coolant, oil, filters, lights, wear on moving parts and so on.

Hybrid cars require the same frequency of service as conventional vehicles but need additional checks. 

However, a good garage can provide all the checks you need. You’ll find that hybrid cars’ maintenance costs are not much higher than those of petrol or diesel cars.

Additional Hybrid Car Service Checks

Hybrid cars have additional technology and components, such as the electric motor and associated parts. Some components require visual checks, and some need specialist servicing equipment. 

The hybrid service should include the following:

  • Checking charging port and cables 
  • Checking brake bindings
  • Diagnostic battery checks and tests
  • Coolant check

A hybrid vehicle has extra cooling systems in place for its electric motors. Coolant or a hybrid is slightly more expensive than standard engine coolant, so this adds a little cost. The good news is that it should only need replacing around every 50k miles, so this won’t be a recurring expense. 

Reliability of Hybrid Cars

A ‘What Car’ survey in 2021 scored hybrid cars highly for reliability with few frequent faults. They continue to improve as technology advances. 

The main risk of failure in a hybrid car comes from the battery, but this risk is slim compared to standard car batteries. 

Hybrid batteries can be expensive to replace and more costly to repair. But hybrid batteries are incredibly hard-wearing, and if well-maintained with regular servicing, they can last up to 200k miles. 

The battery longevity rivals those in most standard car engines – most new hybrids have a battery warranty of up to ten years.

Replacement Parts on Hybrid Vehicles

Regarding the reliability of hybrid cars’ other parts and components, hybrid driving divides the work between electric and fuel engines – so wear and tear on components are also divided. Less wear and tear means parts will require replacing less frequently, if at all. 

The regenerative braking system in a hybrid car cleverly feeds energy back into the battery, meaning there is much less pressure on the conventional brakes. 

Regenerative braking also saves on replacement parts, saving you money in the long run. You’ll also find that oil changes on hybrid vehicles are required less frequently.

Can I Get My Hybrid Car Serviced and Maintained at My Local Garage?

When hybrid cars first came on the market, many independent garages lacked the specialist tools and skills to work on them. Nowadays, all good independent garages should be well set up for servicing hybrid cars.

Talk to Just Right Autos About Hybrid Car Maintenance

Just Right Autos is a family-run garage in Witney, Oxfordshire. We have all the tools, experience and skills required to maintain and service your hybrid car, keeping it running at full capacity for many years. 

We also cater for electric cars and standard petrol or diesel cars. Contact Just Right Autos for a chat about anything car-related. 


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