Air Conditioning Repair Service, Oxfordshire

Is your vehicle in need of an air conditioning repair service? You are in the right place.

At Just Right Autos, we are passionate about keeping up to date with the latest technology and recently upgraded our air conditioning repair machines. We now service and maintain all types of vehicles.

Our trained technicians recharge and service vehicles with the older R134A system as well as all modern air-con systems, such as the R1234yf hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) refrigerant.

Due to its composition, R1234yf has a minimal global warming impact. Just Right Autos are proud to be part of this positive change.

Our electrical vehicle technicians are specially trained in AC repair, service and recharge. We re-gas both electric and hybrid vehicles.

Electric Vehicles Air Conditioning Service Using the Latest Technology

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Air conditioning keeps you and your family comfortable during journeys, but there is a safety aspect too.

The air-con system will quickly demist your car, especially during the winter months, when condensation can impair vision.

Keep your air-con system in full working order.

What is Air-Con Regassing?

During air-con regassing, we remove the old refrigerant gas from the air conditioning system and replace it with new refrigerant. 

When your air-con stops working or doesn’t work as it once did, it can often be solved by a simple regas. 

A common sign of air-con regas is when hot air starts to come out of the blower when the temperature is switched to ‘cold’.

Maintenance for air conditioning in cars, Oxfordshire

Air-Conditioning Recharge and Service

There are other reasons your air-con might not be working properly, which we can diagnose and fix here at Just Right Autos.

The air conditioning service and recharge includes a full air-con system check.

We vacuum the system and air-con recharge with new, clean refrigerant alongside new AC oil. Then we carry out a leak check.

A dye can also be used in the system to help detect smaller, hard-to-find leaks.

We recommend regular air conditioning checks, which many people fail to do. Ask us about it.

Just Right Autos can service and repair any hybrid and electric vehicle, so you might like to get the EV checked over whilst we’re looking at your air conditioning.